Verde Urbano


A few months ago, I developed a concept brand for a fictional Mexico City based health food startup. Verde Urbano (Green Urban) allowed me to explore some of the areas outside of digital marketing such as print advertising, product placement, project management and colour psychology. 

Here's a little bit of the development process:

 Identity Guide

Identity Guide

 Print flyer example

Print flyer example



As part of the Dual Year of the UK and Mexico, IN:MX was launched as an initiative to change the future of Mexico through digital solutions. This consisted of a series of both physical events across several states of Mexico, and a digital platform to submit ideas. 

Initially I started simply as an external freelancer doing some translation and localisation work and quickly adopted responsibilities related to digital marketing, event planning, and web development. As the project created a platform for students to submit their ideas through a portal, I worked with the UX journey and language that should be utilised in the application. 

For the events, I helped set up Eventbrite schedule and ticketing as well as the promotion and marketing around social media channels, making sure the content was relevant in both the UK and Mexico as well as using tools such as Buffer to schedule posts in two different time zones and languages. 

The last bit of work I did before the project finished was creating the IN:MX Social Skills Hub, hosted in a custom themed Tumblr, where content was shared to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to get their ideas developed.

The project was developed in conjunction with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Mexican President office through Culture Group.

Slicers Pizza


Slicers is a concept pizza company that I've developed with the purpose of exploring different areas of branding, graphic design and marketing. Through the past 6 months, I've developed a logo, a print advert, a radio commercial, a website and a television commercial developing a brand identity that is carried along different areas of marketing and design. 

A Little Chance

A Little Chance is a creative celebration for the great ideas and projects us humans harbour. It’s a chance to shout, ‘I am here. This is what I do. I think this should change’. A webspace where we can collaborate in the conception that a thought can be actualised in the real world. An event where bright minds and their coming together are celebrated; to liberalise hidden gems. A Little Chance to show the World what you’re capable of achieving. Because sometimes in life, you only have A Little Chance.
— Statement

We created A Little Chance with the purpose of establishing a web platform where creative minds could express and discuss different subjects in areas like graphic design, illustration, film, among others. The platform eventually evolved into a showcase event where a selection of some of the most interesting artists exhibited their work inviting others to collaborate. This is an on-going project that is constantly evolving. You can find some of my posts on A Little Chance blog