'WannaCry' Ransomware Brings Down the NHS

The malware spread quickly on Friday leaving hospitals and GPs unable to access patient data, with many doctors resorting to using pen and paper.

Their computers were locked by a ransomware program which demanded a payment to access blocked files.

Hospitals across the UK were cancelling operations and ambulances had been diverted from hospitals in some areas.

Very worrying that governments cheap out on their systems infrastructure, a lot of the NHS systems run Windows XP, which was released 16 years ago! 

Even though its not limited to government (I've seen Windows XP machines in supermarkets, cash machines, banks and post offices), this is a good lesson that by not having up-to-date systems that get frequently updated, lives can be lost, not even to mention the privacy and monetary repercussions. 

The worst of all is that this malware was developed by the NSA and stolen by hackers. Remember the when the FBI requested Apple to create a custom version of iOS to get into the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone? This is exactly why Apple fought against it.