The Verge: Trump's 100 Days Visual Review

One of my favourite Verge articles in a long time, the amount of things that happens behind the scenes (literally) for Trump's media coverage is insane. I found this bit really interesting:

After that piece was published, I heard from sources familiar with the performance of the Shure SM57 microphone that Trump’s 20-inch flexible gooseneck, which brings the mic to within two inches of his mouth, increases audio gain by 21dB. Every 10db of gain makes the sound-thru-mic twice as loud.
That means Trump’s voice is four times louder from the source than any prior POTUS, dramatically widening the president’s vocal range. His purrs and asides now project easily to the back of the house.
 Image: The Verge

Image: The Verge

If you're an AV nerd like me, I strongly recommend this piece.