Netflix Switches to Thumbs Up/Down

New York Times:

And even when people are given star-rating options, the responses, as research has shown, tend to cluster in the one-star and five-star endpoints — serving as a de facto thumbs up or down. (This was one reason YouTube also ditched its stars in favor of thumbs.) The thumb, as anyone who has seen “Gladiator” knows, is certainly a powerful, clear signal — though, interestingly, there is some scholarly argument that thumbs up signaled the end for a vanquished gladiator. Roman audiences knew what they liked.

From a design point of view, I applaud Netflix in the way it has simplified the rating system, thumbs up and down makes way more sense for films, music, tv shows. I still think that their recommendation system is pretty wonky. After I've rated most of Marvel's films thumbs down, it thinks that I have a "90% match" with Age of Ultron, and a 65% match with Fight Club, one of my all time favourite films. 

Also, while I love Netflix original content, is has become very difficult to find non-Netflix productions in my recommendations, I find myself having to manually browse the Categories section.