Microsoft Introduces Surface Laptop

Microsoft is taking really interesting bets in terms of their hardware. They are making huge advancements on their designs, and really pushing the market for traditional PCs as well as 2-in-1 tablet/PCs. While other big PC manufacturers are focusing on the very low ($200) and high ($2000) ends of the market, Microsoft is looking at the gaps and innovating by integrating their hardware and software. Satya Nadella was definitely a great choice to replace Balmer as CEO. 

One thing I'm not a fan of is the limitation on some of the models of this laptop to be "Windows Store" only. If one thing Microsoft struggles with on their platforms is commitment from third party developers that are too invested in iOS and Android and don't really see the need to serve the Windows market. But if we've learned something in the tech world is that it evolves quickly and the market shifts unexpectedly. 

Also, if you look at other PC or Mac options available, this is a bit overpriced, especially at the base model configurations. 

The Verge:

Operating system aside, I love the design of this Surface Laptop. I rarely get impressed by Windows laptops, unless they do something truly unique. Microsoft hasn’t done anything unique here to change the idea of a laptop, but it’s clear the company has focused on what actually matters. The keyboard and trackpad feel great, the display looks crisp, and it’s all packaged into a design that looks and feels beautiful. I’m excited to review the Surface Laptop, and if Microsoft’s battery life claims are accurate then this could be the Windows laptop I’ve been waiting for.