Elon Musk's Ideas for Future Tunnel Transportation Systems

The Verge: 

Musk said that there’s “no real limit” to the depth of his proposed tunnels. “The deepest mines are much deeper than the tallest buildings are tall, so you can alleviate any arbitrary level of open congestion with a 3D tunnel network.” This, Musk said, is how to get around the most popular rebuttal so far: that underground tunnels will simply spread the congestion to a new place without completely solving the problem of traffic. Musk thinks it will be possible to create “any arbitrary number of tunnels, any number of levels” in order to reduce congestion on the surface.

Another example of Musk thinking out of the box. This man is insane (in a good way). I love how he's talking about this crazy tunnel transportation system he wants to build and then goes and calls it The Boring Company.