Aim bigger.

I'm Lalo Schjetnan, an avid technologist, digital marketer, drummer and consultant. I have been lucky enough to work in projects such as TEDxCardiff where I was in charge of streaming technologies and digital marketing. In 2015 I co-founded A Little Chance, a platform that empowered creative people to put their work out in the wild.

I was born in Mexico City and spent 21 years of my life over there, I am an avid traveller and have always been interested in getting involved in challenging projects. I came to the UK in 2012 to undertake my University studies in Cardiff where I lived until I moved to London in 2016 with my wife, where I look to expand my professional portfolio and personal experiences.  

I have managed a few events and projects which have given me a deep understanding of the logistical, technological and humanistic points of view. This has helped me develop as a professional in areas of design such as digital marketing, web development, and brand identity. Having worked with a diverse range of clients and individuals has also opened my mind regarding the direction of my professional career. 

You can contact me through the usual social network channels or via email: eduardo[at] Feel free to ask me anything! Thanks for visiting my website. 


Lalo has become an indispensable member of the TEDxCardiff team. Where many students have required micro-managing, he’s been incredibly pro-active and shown huge initiative. His involvement has reduced our stress levels, and made things better, easier, and more enjoyable.
— @NeilCocker, TEDxCardiff co-founder
Lalo is a very hard worker and a very creative person. He puts his talent to work and shows maturity in his ability to see the same issue from different angles. With his determination to succeed I am sure he will be able to purse an international career that will allow him to develop his considerable skills.
— Stephen Smith O.B.E., Director General of The Anglo Mexican Foundation