NASA Finds Earth-like Planets

Last year, a research team operating the ESO’s Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope, or TRAPPIST, discovered that a small, dim red dwarf star about 39 light-years away had three planets orbiting it. All three exoplanets were about the size of Earth and in the so-called “Goldilocks Zone” where temperatures can hover between 0 and 100 degrees C—the ideal conditions for liquid water and, perhaps, life.
 Image: Popular Mechanics

Image: Popular Mechanics

5 Types of Visual Content That Will Optimise Your Conversion Rates

Images and videos are the most direct, cost effective and simple way to engage an audience. Statistics show that adding an image to a Facebook post results in 2.3 times more engagement. Furthermore, as many as 74 percent of marketers use visual content in their social media marketing.

Visuals can help your brand catch the user’s attention when they are scrolling through their news feeds. They can also set a tone and atmosphere for an article about a product or a website. And without a doubt, the images you choose define the visual style of your brand. Consider the fact that 65 percent of senior marketing executives believe that visual content, such as photos, video, illustrations and infographics are a core asset for their brand story.

They choose Photography, Video, GIFs, Infographics and Quizzes as ways to further engage with audiences. I experimented with Infographics, Quotes and Quizzes for INMX and TEDxCardiff and my experience definitely aligns with this article, as long as your content is relevant and consistent with your audience, partners and targets.  


Making of Apple's HAL advert

Very few times do we have the pleasure of look at the creative process behind Apple's ad campaigns. Ken Segall was one Apple's creative directors, and takes us through a journey back in time for the iconic HAL adverts. It's interesting to see all the challenges that Apple faced back in 1999 to convince people to jump on board with an idea. These days, no one even blinks before signing up for an Apple campaign. 

Google Can't Ship Enough Pixels

Chris Welch for The Verge:

Google has done a poor job of shipping adequate supply of both Pixels, as it’s now January and there’s still no easy way of obtaining the model you want without resorting to eBay or Swappa. That’s not so great for customers. And it’s hurting an incredible smartphone. The Pixel is the best Android phone you can buy — if you can actually manage to do the buying part.


Andy Grignon on the first iPhone

Andy Grignon, detailing how the team felt as Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone on Macworld 10 years ago:

“And so there we were in the fifth row or something — engineers, managers, all of us — doing shots of Scotch after every segment of the demo. There were about five or six of us, and after each piece of the demo, the person who was responsible for that portion did a shot. When the finale came — and it worked along with everything before it, we all just drained the flask. It was the best demo any of us had ever seen. And the rest of the day turned out to be just a [expletive] for the entire iPhone team. We just spent the entire rest of the day drinking in the city. It was just a mess, but it was great.”

Lily Drone Cancelled and Offering Refunds

From Lily:

"After so much hard work, we are sad to see this adventure come to an end. We are very sorry and disappointed that we will not be able to deliver your flying camera, and are incredibly grateful for your support as a pre-order customer. Thank you for believing in our vision and giving us the opportunity to get this far. We hope our contribution will help pave the way for the exciting future of our industry."

Such a shame, one of the most promising drone crowd-funding projects I've seen in a while. Probably too ambitious. To be fair, it's hard to compete with the likes of DJI's Phantom 4 or the more recent Mavic Pro

Getting into Digital Marketing

If you want to explore the waters of what being a digital marketer involves, I've recently been doing Google's Digital Garage. It offers amazing explanation for even the most basic users, highly recommend it if you want some guidance on how to market yourself or your business online. 

If you want to go more in-depth, and do longer term education and certification, check out the courses at the Digital Marketing Institute.